How it works

How it works

Breaking down how our Courtesy Logistics technology works

The main problem with B2B e-hailing services is that there’s no dedicated support.

So when drivers don’t turn up because there’s a better lift request (called surge demand) or they simply find it more convenient to pick up a customer who is closer, then your customer gets left high and dry.

Courtesy Logistics is a dedicated and supported B2B transport service. We monitor every lift and every request. We are accountable to you via our Service Level Agreement and to your customer.

No missed calls. No missed trips. We won’t leave anyone high and dry.

For your customer/staff

  1. Customer request your team to schedule the lift
  2. A driver arrives within 4 minutes.
  3. Payment calculation and notification (how?)
  4. Payment is automatic depending on your terms
    1. via your account if it’s 100% from you
    2. via cash or credit card to your team (no tipping is required) for co-pay or full payment
    3. From the customer wallet (discuss)

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Personalised packages

  1. Rate: Give your driver a star rating to help maintain the highest quality experience on every ride

For your drivers

Drivers will be logged into the system while on-duty.

Service requests will be sent to drivers located nearby the request. Once you accept a request near you, your App will update to show you directions to your passenger.

The app will automatically calculate an ETA and communicate all necessary information to the passenger.

Once collected, the driver will start the drive to your requested location(s).

Drivers will be rated out of 5 stars to monitor service quality.

For your business

Courtesy Logistics' system is your transportation HQ.

From the system dashboard you manage transportation and customize how people can use your business account.

Open System Interface

Easy, fast and suggestive location services save you time by using AI learning to make clever suggestions based on history.

The main system interface can be controlled and monitored through any computer, provided the user is logged in. Drivers use a cellphone or tablet as a dispatch dashboard to receive and accept new drive requests. The app will also automatically synchronize drivers’ location to the main system.

Business Rules

  • Any company registered with Courtesy Logistics can request a drive for their designated passenger(s).
  • Detailed reports on trip history, costs and more are provided
  • In/out of company policy

Process to request

Accessible from the dashboard, team requests lifts for customers

How to manage employee/ customer approved lifts to be charged directly to company business account

How the ride works

Single Pickup

From your dashboard your lift is automatically dispatched immediately after booking. Waiting time is four minutes max. Should there be any delays our system will swiftly do a rebook.

Multiple rides

For a group (e.g staff to your office) send multiple drivers to multiple addresses with just a click.

You know when they get there

Your team gets a view of the trip status, so they know when customers have arrived.

If your customers or staff are without a smartphone you can send them a ride. And the driver will handle the rest.

Our Drivers Process


Accept shuttle request

Once you accept a request near you, your app will update to show direction to your passenger.

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ETA and Communication

The Estimated Time of Arrival as well as any other necessary information will be relayed to the passenger.

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Pick up and Drop off

The driver will pick up the passenger and drop them off by requested location(s), driver will be paid for any time waiting if there are multiple drop off points.

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At the completion of the journey, the passenger will be requested to anonymously rate the driver through the app.

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