Benefits and Loyalty

Get the best benefits with Courtesy Logistics

Experienced Professionals

Our team is qualified and highly trained to attend to your questions and requests in a courteous manner.

  • No Hiccups
  • No Price Surges
  • No admin work
  • No hassle

Maximum Query Solved

Offering easy, quick and suggestive locations services to save you and your customers time.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Better customer service
  • No more calling around looking for vehicles and quotes
  • Cost-effective

Accurate Reports

Accurate reporting, accountability and trip reviews to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Free to set-up
  • No upfront or minimum spend required
  • Flexible payment options
  • Automated expenses

Unimaginable Response time

No more long wait times with Courtesy Logistics! Current maximum wait time is: 5mins

  • Replacement cars or rentals are a thing of the past
  • When you need it, it’s there
  • Logistic Transparency
  • Gain visibility in your workplace
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Welcome To Courtesy Logistics

Courtesy Logistics aims to take away the nightmare of transporting your customers and staff, while you focus on core business engagements.

We are a virtual on-demand corporate shuttle services provider. Our fleet of cars and drivers are certified and well trained to shuttle your customers or staff professionally. All cars and trips on our network are monitored 24/7 through a state-of-the-art control center.

How we make the difference

Inspire, Innovate & Initiate

Dedicated Transport

When you don’t have transport, life stands still. With Courtesy Logistics, our dedicated transport can help you anytime, anywhere.

No hassle

Select your pick up location, as well as the destination you would like to be dropped off by, and the rest will be handled by us.

Your logo and branding

We offer customers to use our white label service under their name and branding. This means no one will know you are using a third party service.


Our platform is designed to reward and thank loyal customers, providing rewards and loyalty benefits to consistent clients.

Our Testimonials

Do you know, what clients say about us!


The basics of our loyalty and rewards programme is to give your best customers the things they need. And what could they need more when they are stuck without a car?

Not every business can afford their own courtesy vehicle service, therefore every owner has been asked more than once for help.

Well now you can do it with Courtesy Logistics

We build and run your own courtesy transport system – for a fraction of the cost of running and paying for your own drivers and vehicles.

As competition increases it is well accepted that customer loyalty is increasingly important to maintain growth and profitability.

In addition, it costs many times more to gain one new customer than it does to
keep existing customers happy and coming back. In the automotive
sector this detail is more important than most.

Above all, customer satisfaction is key. What could be more frustrating than
arguing with your dealership or service centre about how you are
stuck, can’t get home and aren’t being provided a courtesy loan car?
Needless to say, it costs a lot to provide a courtesy vehicle for everyone,
but think carefully! Once you’ve lost that customer, they’re gone.

That said, many dealerships and service centres have a budget for courtesy vehicles,
but whether you have a loyalty or customer retention program you
should partner with us. The cost is low to nothing per customer
(that depends on your policy) and the value of retention is hard to beat.