The Corporate Shuttle Service

We cover a wide range of areas

Corporate Shuttle

Providing a uniquely structured shuttle service to corporate businesses.

24/7 Support

Courtesy Logistics has a dedicated team of staff working to provide top-notch support 24/7.


Providing all industry standard security measures, as well as developing a “Panic Button” to give you and your customers an additional sense of security.

Trained Professional Drivers with PDP Licenses

Clients, staff transport and customer courtesy rides are handled by trusted driver partners

Courtesy Logistics Concierge Service

We offer supported Transport Services. Our team of qualified concierges monitor our control centers 24/7 using cutting edge communication equipment to provide support and monitor all rides across the City.


Drivers with integrity, Fully vetted

Dedicated Concierge, Security is our priority

Always Evolving, We strive in serving you better

We touch your life in more ways! Comfort rides

Courtesy Logistics


Priority Business Transport

Courtesy Transport. We enable it. You own it.

We custom build courtesy transport solutions for the Auto service and repair industry.

Just imagine – own your personalised courtesy transport service at a fraction of the cost of running a driver with vehicle service.

Find out about our cost effective solution to the costs and hassles of providing courtesy cars.

How it works

Points to Ponder

  • Controlled staff travel
  • Billing and trips database
  • Cost-effective travel
  • Convenience, saving you time
  • Safety and security

Points to Ponder

  • Sharing a Cab made easy
  • Bill Splitting among riders
  • Convenience,
  • Reasonable cost per km
  • Ease of Use

Emergence of New Ideas

Traditionally shuttle services work on a repetitive A to B system. This means if you are 2 people wanting to travel to 2 different destinations in the same direction, you will need to take separate shuttles and each pay for the large distance covered.

Courtesy Logistics is here to save you on expenses!
With our unique A to B to C system, both clients can get in the shuttle together and be dropped off at separate locations, sharing the costs.
Client A, for instance, could pay for distance A to B, followed by Client B only having to pay for the distance of B to C!


What We Do
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Adopting to Change

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need. Courtesy Logistics offers a range of services to accommodate the needs of businesses and individuals needing Taxi, Cab or shuttle rides for personal use.
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Points to Ponder

  • Professional drivers
  • Clean and insured vehicles
  • Concierge on Seat 24/7
  • User friend booking system
  • Passenger App on Android and iOS

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